BP and the GivingForce Foundation

BP and the BP Foundation have chosen the GivingForce Foundation as the Payroll Giving Agency (PGA) for the United Kingdom. The GivingForce Foundation has been processing payroll giving donations, also referred to as Give As You Earn (GAYE), in the UK and Australia for some time.  We will also be processing GAYE for the USA and Canada from April 2021. 

The GivingForce Foundation has also been processing Matching payments to beneficiaries for BP employees worldwide from April 2020.

Wherever possible, the GivingForce Foundation will make payments to beneficiary organisations and send remittance details electronically. If you are a beneficiary organisation, you may be contacted by the GivingForce team requesting bank details.

If we don’t have a UK beneficiary organisation’s bank details, any payments will be sent by cheque. Cheque payments are only available in the UK – they are slower, have a higher risk of fraud/loss, and are more expensive to administer. They are also not environmentally friendly. We would much prefer to make all payments electronically.

All Payroll Giving donations and Matching requests are self-managed by employees using the GivingForce Portal – see www.givingforce.com for more details.

Please note that any GAYE payments in Canada and the USA were administered by CyberGrants prior to 31st March 2021 and you will need to contact CyberGrants directly if you have a query about an older donation.