Ejaz Rashid

CEO and Founder, Trustee

Ejaz is GivingForce Foundation’s founder and CEO - as well as a trustee. Ejaz is also the founder and CEO of the GivingForce CSR Portal. Ejaz has been one of the early advocates of using technology for social good and is leveraging his knowledge to help make charitable giving as efficient and transparent as possible.

Nasr Alam


Nasr has held finance and commercial leadership positions in technology businesses over the last 20 years, with organisations such as AOL and Virgin Media. Experienced in scaling up businesses as well as business transformation, he also works with small and medium-sized entities to help them achieve their operational goals. Nasr is a keen supporter of Social Enterprises, and mentors socially orientated start-up ventures at the Bethnal Green Ventures accelerator. He is also a trustee of the homeless charity, Food Parcels. Nasr is an avid cyclist, and an advocate for socially and environmentally balanced living. Nasr qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG and holds an MBA from London Business School.

David Bond


David is Chief Financial Controller for the Lion Academy Trust; an educational charity with operations in London, Essex, and Northamptonshire directly serving the needs of over 4,200 children. David oversees the finances and control processes of the Trust to maintain operational effectiveness and support educational staff in delivering the highest-quality teaching and learning. David joined the education sector in 2016 following 13 years with a leading UK financial institution where he was the Assistant Vice President for Strategy, Governance, and Operations. As a PRINCE2© qualified project manager, David leverages his financial expertise and keen analytical skills to create and deliver transformational solutions to improve service efficiency. David is passionate about making a difference to wider society. He has been a StemNet Ambassador since 2010 and a school governor, outside his own Trust, since 2014. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability through his professional impact in the field.

Nasim Hamdani

Secretary and Head of Charity Payments

Nasim serves as the company secretary for GivingForce Foundation as well as running day to day operations. She is also Head of Finance and HR at GivingForce CSR Portal.